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Entrepreneur Immigration

It is a method of doing business and proceeding with immigration in Canada. Canadian business immigration is influenced by a skilled understanding of business plans and application processes. DRim Immigration Consulting boasts years of high approval rates for business immigration, expertise from RCIC certified immigration consultants, and a certified realtor in British Columbia from Dream Consulting to assist with the preparation and launch of your actual business in the future.

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This is a method of immigration for practical and valuable business people who can invest in businesses within British Columbia and manage them actively. Up to now, there are several cases that have been approved and are proceeding through DRim.


Business, Investment, Entrepreneurship Immigration

For the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIPP), proof of managerial experience and assets above a certain level required by the provincial government is needed.



Self-Employed Person immigration is a suitable immigration method for individual business owners or freelance applicants with experience in culture, arts, or sports.


Owner-operated LMIA

Owner/Operator LMIA is a program for those who want to directly operate a business in Canada through the establishment of a new business or the acquisition of an existing business.

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Intra-company Transferee

​It is a visa that can be applied for and obtained when a foreign parent company establishes a branch in Canada and dispatches employees to the branch to strengthen exports/imports or the overseas market in Canada.


Start-up Visa

It is one of Canada’s federal business immigration programs, targeting immigrant entrepreneurs who have the ability and potential to create jobs in Canada and build innovative and globally scalable businesses.

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