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Rehabilitation Application Process

Canada Criminal Record: Rehabilitation for Criminal Inadmissibility

If you have a criminal record in abroad, your entry to Canada, visa issuance, and application for permanent residence may be denied. For those with a criminal history, including drunk driving, assault, traffic accident injuries, and fraud, it is essential to eliminate the reasons for entry refusal by applying for a criminal record pardon first. DRIM Immigration Consulting has specialized immigration attorneys for Canadian pardon applications, holding substantial case data for pardons.


Eligible cases for rehabilitation application

Five years have elapsed since the offense outside Canada.

Five years have passed since the conviction and execution of sentence outside of Canada.

Ten years have passed since the completion of the sentence outside of Canada.

DRim's Rehabilitation Consultation

Collecting documents and Schedule a consultation

Police Certificates, Court Orders, and other related records to prepare

Rehabilitation Application to Canada

Application Submission

On-going Updates

Consultation and Review

Review cases based on customer documents and analyze relevant precedents to determine eligibility
Consult with a Canadian government-certified immigration consultant.

Rehabilitation Approval


Planning and 

Documents Ready
Application and Drafts
Supporting Certified Translation and other Administrative 


Online Inquiry

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