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Canadian Early Childhood Educator (ECE) 


Early Childhood Educators, one of Canada's shortage occupations, take care of infants and toddlers at local daycare centers. Daycare teachers are still in high demand and are one of the most tolerant occupations for foreigners. In particular, in BC, it is a popular occupation group that is advantageous for immigration as it is a shortage occupation and is divided into selection based on low scores.




Canadian Early Childhood Teacher Certification 

The “Early Childhood Education Certificate” is a formal early childhood teacher certification issued by the state. Each state has different types of certification levels, and you can get a job with that state's certification.

  • Early Childhood Assistant

  • Early Childhood Educator

  • Infants & Toddler Educator Infant/Toddler Teacher

  • Special Needs Educator Special Needs Educator


✅ How to obtain early childhood education certification

1. Certificate conversion: It is possible to obtain a Canadian certification through credits earned at a Korean university.

Certificate Conversion Provisional Grading ▶️ Online Class Subject Guide ▶️ Canadian Early Childhood Education Certificate Conversion 

2. Local universities: Private colleges & public college

✅ Employment immigration after studying abroad

Canadian Early Childhood Teacher Major School Admission Settings▶️ school life guidance▶️ Employment linkage program after obtaining certification▶️ Local experience and application for permanent residency

✅ LMIA Employment Immigration
Obtaining Canadian early childhood education certification ▶️ English scores and English interview ▶️ Interview and employment at a local daycare center tailored to your desired region ▶️ Local experience and application for permanent residency

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