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Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)


LMIA stands for Labor Market Impact Assessment, which refers to a "Foreign Worker Permit." Employers must obtain LMIA approval so that foreign employees can be eligible to apply for a work permit. In other words, foreigners who wish to work in Canada must find an employer who supports LMIA to obtain a work permit to work locally.

LMIA Department: Employment and Social Development Canada

LMIA Applicant: Employer for the employee

LMIA Requirements:

  • Efforts to employ Canadians first (advertise for at least one month)

  • Promise to pay a salary equal to or higher than the median wage received by Canadians for the respective job

  • Employment contract that does not violate provincial employment laws

  • Employer operating a legitimate business

  • Sufficient ability to pay the employee's salary and benefits


Process from LMIA to Permanent Residency:

  • Job advertisement for 28 days

  • LMIA application

  • LMIA employer interview

  • Issuance of LMIA approval permit

  • Work permit application

  • Apply for permanent residency program with local work experience

  • Acquisition of permanent residency

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