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Landing Service

“Canada Settlement Landing Service

Drim Consulting provides a local settlement service in Canada for customers entering the country for the first time, helping them live in Canada before and after entering the country.

We will help and guide you to get started safely.

Support for preparing a place to live

Find a customized rental by checking the basic customer conditions in advance
Home viewing, guidance on rental document preparation by a local real estate agent, and contract agency
Accompaniment and agency for house inspection
Various utility subscription services
Home Insurance Information
Information on libraries, community centers, sports facilities, and supermarkets near your home

Airport Pick-up Service

Education-related services

Accompanied by a visit to the Office of Education for document verification and assessment for school registration
Tuition Fee Waiver application service 
Accompanying the Office of Education Orientation
(If school visit is not possible due to Covid-19, online registration will be replaced)
For older children, a meeting with a school counselor will be provided (Secondary students and above, if necessary)
Daycare visit and registration depending on the child's age


Local life convenience services

BC health insurance MSP subscription application service
Guide to opening and using a bank account 
Information on purchasing Compass transportation card
Accompanied by mobile phone activation and subscription to a telecommunication company
SIN Issuance Information

Vehicle purchase

Purchase a new or used car
Register your vehicle and sign up for local vehicle insurance 
ICBC driver's license issued (Korea → Canada driver's license exchange)

Purchase furniture and groceries

Companion to shopping at large grocery stores and local marts to purchase daily necessities
Furniture Buying Guide


After service provided after settlement


Online Inquiry

Please fill out and submit the webform. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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